So you want to know about NSA … Friends, Here’s the Blog You Were Looking For.

I know I’ve mentioned my friend John Schindler before.  Once your blind rage dies down over some of these inflammatory events as they are reported in the news (wait – SQUIRREL!), he’s a very cognizant and defiantly objective resource that can really give you a valuable perspective as we start to collectively comprehend just what the NSA has done, can do, and should be doing.

My role in the Summer of SIGINT has been interesting. As an NSA veteran, I’ve been castigated as a shill of the Secret State, or worse, by the legions of critics of U.S. intelligence who compensate for not having an informed opinion by broadcasting it as loudly as possible.  Readers of my work know that I am anything but an uncritical observer of NSA and the Intelligence Community (IC), but that gets lost when you’re motivated by anger – at DC, at Obama, at your parents, at everyone – rather than facts.

Emotional reactions to national security topics are dangerous and certainly lead folks to disregard the information that is actually being presented – sometimes unintentionally, sometimes of course by design.  Were there to exist a truly impartial media, I’d say we would see more of the former.  In our case, we deal with the latter on a daily basis.

When it comes to truth, folks like John actually live the speeches that President Obama made about transparency…sigh

I also took a lifetime secrecy oath, so if you’re looking for all the “real” TOPSECRET/SCI information, you’ve found the wrong blog. I’m not about leaks, but I do want as much transparency as we can get without violating the law or harming the sources and methods that protect our country and our allies.

Anyhow – John’s blog, XX Committee, is a resource which can play an incredibly valuable role in forming an opinion grounded in the truth and objective research.

September 6th’s is out of the ballpark, as always:

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