Tampa Bay Frogman Swim – via SealOfHonor

I need to take a moment and pass along a great story about some of those unsung often unnoticed and silent heroes that serve us here in my great nation – and how you just might be able to help them.  I heard about this one from SealOfHonor.

If you have a desire to help support the Naval Special Warfare community – and get in the water with some of our nation’s most elite warriors, please check it out – they have a simple mission and one which they succeed wildly in as they continue to grow:

‘Our goal is to build national awareness of the Naval Special Warfare Community and become a key fundraiser for the Navy SEAL Foundation by building a premier annual event that challenges athletes with conditions similar to SEAL training’.

Come swim with the Navy SEALs and help us “never leave a man behind”

Nice! This is the 5th Annual Event, and it has experienced some pretty phenomenal growth.

On January 3rd, 2010 with less than 3 weeks notice, over 100 people gathered at Gandy Beach for a 5k open water swim across Tampa Bay (in mid 50s water temps) raising over $30,000 for a severely injured active duty Navy SEAL.The swim has evolved into an annual event that has been formally named the Tampa Bay Frogman Swim and is now an official Navy SEAL Foundation fundraising event. The NSF supports wounded and fallen Navy SEALs and their families. 100% of proceeds go directly to the Foundation to help the families of our fallen heroes.

The 2nd annual Frogman Swim attracted 67 registrants who braved the frigid waters of Tampa Bay and raised $53,000 for the Navy SEAL Foundation which benefits the families of wounded and fallen SEALs. This 2011 race was sanctioned as an official 5K open-water swim by both USA Swimming and U.S. Masters Swimming.

The 2012 Frogman featured 120 swimmers including 3x Olympic Medalist Brooke Bennett, Swimming Triple Crown swimmer Craig Lenning and 14 year old Olympic hopeful Becca Mann. Increased participant fundraising and corporate sponsorships took the event to the next level, raising well over $150,000 for the Navy SEAL Foundation.

The 2013 Frogman was won by Becca Mann. The event sold out in just four days and raised over $250k for the Navy SEAL Foundation.

In my 1st “real job” at Defense Systems Management College, I had my first chance to interact with a former SEAL during a management simulation, and I remember what a calming command influence the man projected any time he entered a room.  That was the kind of person I immediately knew I wanted to emulate – subconsciously. I’ve lived several times in San Diego (go, BOAT GUYS!), and later in life when my wife and I bought bought our first house together (near Dam Neck, Virginia), I later found that there was a beautiful trident sticker on the front window.

I remember knowing that the guy that owned the house was (I had heard) “in the Navy”…he walked in the room the first time we met and all I could figure out to say was “Little Creek?”.

“Good catch, Sir.”  At that point I just stuttered and wanted to know where to sign…:)

It’s been such a privilege any time I’ve been able to interact with this community.

What part can you help play in their 2014 success story?


For more information, contact:  Kurt Ott / Rory O’Connor – info@tampabayfrogman.com or 727.580.0059

via @SealOfHonor

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