Christmas Pie!

Happiest of New Years to All!

2013 is firmly in the rearview mirror.  And good riddance…

I had quite a few ‘ups’ in 2013, and naturally the requisite quite a few ‘downs’, making it roughly par for the last few years.  My wonderfully amazing wife and I started the year (with about a third of our stuff) living in Coral Gables, Florida (Go Canes!).  We blinked in late October and Blam! – we were starting the process of unpacking in Liberty, Missouri.  My cel died mid-move, which was only semi-problematic as I spent most of October halfway serious about plotting my departure from a career in healthcare IT.  At some point, we managed to get the internet up and running…and sigh…there it was in my e-mail:

“When can you start?”

I managed to avoid the maelstrom of PP/ACA implementation projects until November 2013…sigh.

Healthcare data interface architecture is where my career has taken me and it certainly seems there will be no end to the challenges presented by many of these disastrous Obamacare “rollouts”.  I don’t think I’ll get to retire the “ANSI X12 EDI SME” albatross for a few more years.  It’s still a really good time to know that responsible parties show up in 2100G loops within syntactically correct ANSI ASC X12 v005010 834 transactions…lol  A few folks out there know what I mean.

Twenty Fourteen is here, and that means I’m writing more on my blog.  It’s not a resolution or anything per se, so hopefully that helps my chances of making it happen.  I really think America has an interesting year in front of it as we start the long march towards 2016 and beyond.  I have some unique perspectives on throwing formatted data back and forth between organizations…so I expect there will be some of that in addition to the normal politics and etc.

2014 is going to kick ass because we’re going to make it kick ass.  Conservatives, libertarians, constitutionalists…Americans…are waking up knowing what the last few years have meant for our Republic.  It’s going to be a hard year to stay positive…but it sure seems like a whole lot of America is waking up to the reality that in the end it’s all of us vs. a government that thinks it’s too big to fail.

Best of luck in all your 2014 endeavors.

* We tried, but the pie just didn’t make it to the new year.  Thanks to my lovely wife for the pic, at least we have that.

5 thoughts on “Happiest of New Years to All!

    1. realakula51 Post author

      Absolutely – it was for a post-Christmas family gathering that I couldn’t make it to (I was sick), but thankfully they sent a piece home for me with my wife…:) When you’re only having one dessert – in my book, that’s the one you have…haha. HNY!


        1. Brittius

          Uh oh… I’m “corrupting” you 😦
          Well… I mean.., now that you cornered me, and twisting the information out of me… If you spoon peaches over that pie, a Big spoon of whipped cream goes nice on top of the peaches. Then take your sugar bowl and with your fingers, take a pinch of sugar and sprinkle that on top of the whipped cream.
          You seem to have “changed” and I think you’re now, a Three Pecan Pie man. Enjoy the bliss.


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