Today’s Project: 8½ Pounds of Awesome…

This pork shoulder has been hanging out in my oven between 275-290F all day…:)

Just hanging out @ 275F

Just hanging out @ 275F

I basically take some apple cider vinegar and throw in some crushed red pepper, garlic salt, onion salt, sea salt, black pepper, white pepper (if I had any here), and a little Splenda.  I poked some holes in the top of the bottle and just shake it on.

If only I had some Scott’s BBQ Sauce…sigh.  It’s as close as I could get.

Two forks later (this just fell apart, as it should…:)





Not one but two!

Diet Tonic Bottle Sauce Shaker ftw!

It's a Pulled Porknado.

It’s a Pulled Porknado.

Pulled Porknado, Day 2.

Pulled Porknado, Day 2.

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