Saturday in Richmond…

So Doug and Debbie had to go to a wedding…Meri Jane and I decided to go for a little drive in search of Sauer’s and Scott’s barbeque sauces.

That quest is half-successful as of now.  It somehow metastasized into a tour of RVA microbreweries (Thanks, Wendy!)

First stop…Ardent Craft Ales (3200 w. Leigh Street).  Wow.  Currently featuring a Saison, IPA, American Mild Ale and a Honey Ginger Ale that is quite devastating.  Very nice people, very cool place…every sip kicked a lot of ass…




Second stop was Isley Brewing Company (1715 Summit Avenue).


Very cool stuff yet again.  I saw the only three letters that matter (I P and A) while Meri Jane had an amazing infusion…woot.


Yep, Orange Chocolate Oatmeal Porter.  From my normal way of thinking there are a lot of things wrong with that…but it was actually quite good.

Oops, she got the last one…lol



And cool T-shirts.  Epic win. The “Choosy Mother” (Oatmeal Peanut Butter Porter) was pretty epic.  I’m not one for that sort of thing usually, but this was quite nice…:)

Next thing I knew I was chatting with one of the brewers…great folks here too just like everywhere in the RVA we are reaffirming…lol

Stop number…shit, is this three?  Hardywood …

We will be right back with you…:)

Large. Bluegrass. Festival. That brought three words to mind…”eject”, “eject” and “eject”.

So we headed towards the comfort and safety (sic) of The Fan.


We wound up at Cary Street Cafe, next door to Uptown Neon (Doug’s business).

Always been a cool place to hit in Richmond.



Wow, that came outta nowhere…lol. nice thin crust, perfect appetizer.

Stop number next. Comfort. Somewhere in Richmond. East coast, USA.


I had something with blackberries in it. Meri Jane went with something that was 10.7% abv. Wow.

Daniel and everyone at Comfort were more than welcoming. Sausage and cheese grits for the win. My blackberry Ale was even from Hardywood, who we almist visited earlier. Top notch.


These little local sausages were amazing.

Time out…whew. thank goodness my uncle lives in The Fan.

Stop number next. Continental Divide. It’s where Davis & Main used to be. Yeah….lol


Now that is a tequila menu. We also grabbed a quesadilla. Very awesome stuff…and it had bacon. We were sold.


Mango salaa was a very nice touch…woot.

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