The Colorado National Monument – Big Road Trip 2014 Day Seven (1 of ??)

Well, we were checking in last night…I relayed a little of our tale of cross-country debauchery…er photography,  and the guy at the front desk said “hey, you gotta check out the Colorado National Monument.”  I was like…”cool…what’s there?”

“Uh…rocks, and water…and stuff like that.”

Yeah.  He certainly did not do it justice.  MJ and I were blown away, and what was a “short, pre-breakfast side trip” turned into most of an afternoon (once distracted by Colorado Wine Country, but more on that later).

It was a thousand “Wow”s an hour.  Seriously, if you’re ever within a few hours of Grand Junction, you need to swing down and check it out.

Click to see the full sized image on each…

One thought on “Big Road Trip Day Seven (1/??) – The Colorado National Monument

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