The Colorado National Monument – Big Road Trip 2014 Day Seven (1 of ??)

Well, we were checking in last night…I relayed a little of our tale of cross-country debauchery…er photography,  and the guy at the front desk said “hey, you gotta check out the Colorado National Monument.”  I was like…”cool…what’s there?”

“Uh…rocks, and water…and stuff like that.”

Yeah.  He certainly did not do it justice.  MJ and I were blown away, and what was a “short, pre-breakfast side trip” turned into most of an afternoon (once distracted by Colorado Wine Country, but more on that later).

It was a thousand “Wow”s an hour.  Seriously, if you’re ever within a few hours of Grand Junction, you need to swing down and check it out.

Click to see the full sized image on each…

1 thought on “Big Road Trip Day Seven (1/??) – The Colorado National Monument

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