I’m so thankful I’m not sure what to cook next…

Life is good.

Two trips out of our Liberty-based sanctuary to accumulate all of the stuff I needed to do the whole Turkey Day deal, and WOW – we’re actually slightly under our meager budget all around. Basically, I only missed on buying the wrong sized boxes of Pistachio pudding (so far).

It’s not impossible to scratch-make a “traditional” Thanksgiving dinner for 16-20 friends and family when you’re living the low-carb lifestyle, but it does present a few challenges that I don’t wish to impose on everyone else…lol  So, screw the diet. We’re going 100% old-school for the next couple days.  Yeah.  Better hide your Haribos because now I have no excuse…haha

Pie fixings...

I wonder if I can make it to the coffeemaker in a few hours.

There are so many recipes that just never ever in a million years of Sundays require one iota of tinkering (I’m looking at you – Libby, Karo and Julia Child)…my first tiny steps tomorrow morning will be a quartet of pies…they could say there’s a better way to do them tomorrow, but I’m still going back to my beloved Julia for the Sweet Potato pie recipe (Joy. Of. Cooking.).  Karo can’t be touched when it comes to pecans in a pie. Come on, everyone knows that there’s only one “real” pumpkin pie (and it doesn’t involve anything in a can called a “mix”).

Then it’s off to casserole town for a couple double batches of our favorites. Top it off with the mashed taters which we get done the day before and then bake the day of….and we’re going to be ready to drop that well-stuffed bird first thing Thursday morning.  Can’t play with the stuffing until it’s time.  Who knows when we will throw the Watergate together, but damn…this is American and what kind of event would it be without Watergate Salad.

Turkey Day ftw

Thanksgiving isn’t complete without…idk

Chloe seems to love ham, so we’ve decided to say screw it and have two meats available this Thanksgiving.  That’s a first.  I’ve always been bird-only, so it will be nice to observe folks having some options.  Cooking a ham for me involves a lot of extra stuff including cloves and pineapple…

Amongst other things, I’m just so thankful Chloe entered our lives for this amazing holiday…


She pretty much loves everything…

I have a new fun first-time recipe from our friends at Dole that basically involves two ingredients this year as well – I’d love to hear about all of your family fun traditions this year. As I go to town in the kitchen all day tomorrow (and Thursday), I’m sure Instagram will be hopping with pix.

Let’s just go ahead and consider this the Thanksgiving open thread.  I will be posting a recipe or twelve – mainly because it’s just so much easier to come back here to find them rather than rummaging through my recipe stash.  I’d love to see (er…steal) a few of yours.


And, uh…I’ve been steeping some formerly flavorless corn liquor in a Midnight Moon jar for a few weeks now with some extra special stuff – that recipe should pop up too…


Have a wonderful holiday.  I hope to see you here, there and everywhere.

Hands off my Bacon!

Hands off my Bacon!

Alert the Kitchenaid, Cuisinart, and Pampered Chef gadgets – the forecast calls for some seriously heavy use…:)  Yes.  I cook it all…and do everything including the gravy from scratch.  My mother certainly taught me right…:)

7 thoughts on “I’m so thankful I’m not sure what to cook next…

  1. realakula51 Post author

    Scratch bake everything. Why not?

    OK, so I don’t do my own pie crusts anymore…I heart Crisco and all that, but whew…that’s an awful lot of work on top of everything else.



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