My friends in the Vaping eJuice Community

I’ve ordered juice from a few folks at this point (and am planning on ordering from quite a few more since they have been spoken of so highly by my friends).  Personally, I’m a sucker for baked goods and most of the fruity-type stuff…tobacco flavors aren’t usually my thing.

I’m going to be having reviews forthcoming on many of these vendors and several of their delicious eJuice selections.  My plan is to generally find something that sounds good, pick up a sampler pack or great deal if one is available, and then talk about it.  As a rule, I do this because I love vaping and all of the folks in our community, I’m not a compensated endorser nor reviewer.  If I find a great deal on something (or someone tosses me a freebie when I’m ordering a piece of gear or some of their other bottles of eJuice), I’ll probably talk about that too – but I’m not out here in the vapesphere hitting folks up for free shit.

I’m dripping full-time now on my mechanical mods and unregulated NasyBox (parallel 18650s), with El Cabron, MutationXv3, Royal Hunter and Troll RDAs and Goliath RBA/RTAs (some new gear is probably inbound as we speak)…once I start reviewing, I will certainly discuss at least briefly the build(s) I used to develop my opinion.  I generally go for as little PG as I can find as that is better for my gear, as well as my throat.  I prefer MaxVG (95+% VG), but will order things down to 80%VG/20%PG.  I was a dipper before I was a dripper, so I wasn’t all that used to all of this hitting my lungs – that also explains why I like a lot of different flavors due to the oral fixation from my old habit.

I tend to force steep everything I get (unless it says it has been steeped for a couple months like the VapeDudes Private Stock) because most of the eJuice I have ordered is made-to-order.  I don’t want to take a chance hating on something just because it was delivered to me as fresh as humanly possible.  I use my wife’s ultrasonic jewelry cleaner for 2-3 480 second cycles in warmish water.

That being said, here are the folks I have linked on the blog at this point and why:

Toke Juice by Tokey Joe – My Favorite ADV by far!

Toke Juice –

Toke Juice is a sponsor of both The Hangout Crew and The Raw Deal with UCF Goose on Trove Live (Vapers.TV).  WOW!  This is some amazing juice – I’ve tried and will be reviewing ten flavors soon – Vanilla Cupcake, Vanilla Custard, Strawberry Cheesecake, Orange Dreamsicle, Blueberry, Watermelon, Strawberry, Banana, Grape and Peach.  Every single flavor is on point, they’re all great as drip juices or tanking them. If you haven’t tried Toke, you’re missing out.  Seriously, folks – this will be the 2015 eJuice of the year.  And rumor has it there’s a top shelf line coming out really soon…:)  This is my ADV in quite a few of my devices – I tank it, I drip it, but most of all I enjoy it.

Vape Dudes – My Current “Top Shelf” eJuice Supplier

When I first started vaping in Florida several years ago, this was the first “gourmet”/high-end eJuice provider I checked out (They’re in Texas, I got lucky when I found them).  I’ve never been disappointed with their selection, service, nor the taste of their juice.  I’ve enjoyed selections from the Private Stock collection, and my current favorite is their Blueberry Pie, although the Pumpkin Cheesecake is in a very close second place.  I’m a member of their “Vault” loyalty program and it brings with it a ton of cool benefits.

VapeJoose – Wide Selection, Very Affordable, Great eJuice

VapeJoose –

I was lucky enough to find VapeJoose during their February Freebie special – they were throwing 30ml free for each 100ml that was ordered.  What a perfect time to grab a 10 x 30ml sampler pack (and get 90ml FREE).  It was hard picking 13 juices from their huge selection, but I went with a bunch of candy flavors, baked goods and fruits – I’ve yet to be disappointed with any that I have tried.  My current favorites from their line are the Strawberry Cheesecake and Georgia Peach.

VapeCaviar – Authorized Reseller of Plume Juice

VapeCaviar -

VapeCaviar –

I lucked into a 100ml of the Plume Juice Cherry Bomb for a Valentine’s Day special.  This has been a great juice, it was the first one I received that was 80%VG/20%PG so it was a much smoother throat feel than the 50%VG/50%PG eJuice that I was familiar with.  I will definitely order again from these folks – it has worked great in both my RDAs and RTAs.  I also have Blueberry Cheesecake, Dodger Blue, Ripe Green Apples and Vanilla Custard – all great ADVs at 3mg.

Black Mark3t e-Juice

Black Mark3t eJuice –

Black Mark3t comes to me via a friend on #NYAVG and #PIFV, Shawn Ramsey.  I currently have 4 flavors on the way to me, as well as a great #NYAVG T-shirt.  This juice has been consistently spoken of very highly, I’m looking forward to Cereal Rebirth and Blech (pronounced Bleach), a fusion of Peach and Blueberry – two of my favorite flavors.

Smug Juice – It’s That Good

Smug Juice is  a sponsor of one of my favorite Vape Shows on the web – The Raw Deal with UCFGoose (Drew Jensen).  I know I’m going to be a fan of the Cloud City line…I’m not into tobacco flavors, and from what I’ve hear Smug has some of the best of these in the market. I was fortunate enough to win a sampler bottle on Trove Live, and picked up a 30ml bottle of “Bottom Of The Bowl” at the same time last week.  This is a great strategy for getting free stuff sooner, fwiw…:)

YetiVape – Vaping With a Yeti

YetiVape is a sponsor of another of my favorite Vape Shows – Papa’s Playhouse.  I’m very much looking forward to checking out their Nuclear Nut Butter – a creamy peanut butter Kap’n Krunchy custardy cereal vape.

Venum Vapor

Venum was suggested by my friend Drew.  I definitely plan on picking up some of this at some point soon –  everyone I know that’s had their juice raves about it – both from a flavor as well as a cloud perspective.  I’m a sucker for blueberry vapes so Blue Malaysian will be my go-to.

Black Cloud Vapor

Blackcloud Vapor -

Blackcloud Vapor –

Black Cloud was also suggested for this list by UCFGoose (Drew Jensen).  They have killer labels and They are also in the highly regarded category…Uncle Creepy from the Asylum Max VG line is where it’s at here I’m thinking, but after lucking into a group buy where I grabbed all ten juices in the Asylum Max VG line, WOW.  It is seriously hard to pick a favorite.  I still have a few more of these to open and try, this is seriously amazing juice.

Moon Mountain

Moon Mountain is another sponsor of The  Hangout Crew on Trove Live.  Made on the moon, by Lunartics…  This is another eJuice that comes highly recommended and I’ve tried four flavors at this point – BuzzBerry (excellent), Cap’n Jax, Quasar, and Star Drops (my favorite).  They have special seasonal flavors, and you don’t want to miss out on these, they’re awesome!

In closing… 

As you can see, I like a pretty wide variety of eJuices from a number of outstanding retailers.  If you know of anyone who should be added to this list (and my sidebar) and get into my purchase queue soon, please let me know.  I’m planning on getting into DIY soon, so this list will probably not get too terribly much bigger after I take that plunge…lol

Vape On and Enjoy!

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