My friends in the Vape Gear Community

I’ve ordered vaping stuff from several folks at this point (and am planning on ordering from quite a few more since they have been spoken of so highly by my friends).  At this point, I am sub-ohming with mechanical mods, using both RDAs and RTAs. I have my first unregulated box on the way, and also have a little 20W regulated box on the way for my wife who has recently quit smoking. This means that I have ordered wire, cotton, mods, boxes, batteries, an ohm meter and RDA/RTAs…and have a few gadgets and other items like drip tips coming too.

I’m going to be having reviews forthcoming on many of these vendors and several of their excellent gear selections.  My plan is to generally find something that sounds good, pick one up (via a great deal if one is available), and then talk about it.  As a rule, I do this because I love vaping and all of the folks in our community, I’m not a compensated endorser nor reviewer.  If I find a great deal on something (or someone tosses me a freebie when I’m ordering a piece of gear or some of their bottles of eJuice), I’ll probably talk about that too – but I’m not out here in the vapesphere hitting folks up for free shit.

CompVape – The best RDAs I’ve used, Hands Down

I barely missed out on a pre-order group buy on the El Cabron RDA but was lucky enough to grab one of the “extras” from that order, mainly based on the recommendation of Big Lou (from Big Lou East Coast Review) and Kent Hill (Twisted Messes) who used this amazing RDA in several of his build videos.  I immediately ordered a second one.  It is hard to pick a favorite feature – between the 7mm juice well, 3mm post holes, and 3 different drip tip options…WOW.  Just an amazing piece of gear designed here in America.  Following closely on the heels of the El Cabron’s success is the 4-post cousin known as the Twisted Messes RDA – I have one on pre-order and can’t wait until it shows up soon.  One of these pieces of art is always atop my favorite boxes.

RBA Vapor Store – The Home of the Twisted Messes and El Cabron RDAs

I was able to snag a pre-order on the Twisted Messes RDA through RBA Vapor.  These folks are located in Chicago and are great supporters of the vapesphere and vaping industry.  Atomizers, mechanical mods, batteries and chargers – you name it, RBA has you covered.  They have a great Bargain Sale bin and good solid pricing on their gear.  You can also pick up replacement parts for your El Cabron and Twisted Messes RDAs here, including replacement O-rings and regular flat head screws for those folks not into the hex-keyed grub screws that come with the units stock.  They have a wide selection of both authentic and clone gear.  Definitely worth checking out!

Modz by Nasy – Unregulated Excellence in Series or Parallel

When I decided to take the unregulated box mod plunge, basically everyone I talk to regularly on Facebook and in the vapesphere had one and only one name to seriously recommend.  They weren’t just tossing an endorsement around, they were all using the same hardcore gear.  I managed to luck into a group buy on one of the best Facebook vaping groups I belong to – #NYAVG for my first one.  With a lifetime limited warranty, and options of going either series or parallel with dual 18650 or 26650 batteries, I knew I couldn’t go wrong (the triple 18650 in parallel is out there in limited release now too).  I can’t wait to review this box since Nate did me a solid with a custom vinyl on the side to keep with the akula51 motif…:)  I now have a triple parallel 18650 version that hits like a tank and a dual series 18650 version as well.  I can’t say any more about these amazing boxes.  These are by far my favorite mods.

Chump Modz – Best Mod Builder Out There (for that Regulated Stuff)

Charlie and the Chump Factory are located down in Anderson, SC.  He is a vaper and builder and has produced some of the prettiest mods that I’ve seen.  I currently have one coming from him thanks to an #NYAVG group buy – the special “‘Murica” limited edition red, white and blue powdercoated Hammond…  I’m really looking forward to this box.  I was lucky enough to pick one of these great boxes up in an unregulated configuration…

CottonMan.Com – Simply the most amazing wicking material

I had a chance to grab a sample pack from the Cotton Man, and WOW.  Perhaps the best $8 I’ve spent on vaping.  They stock nine different varieties of cotton, optimized for all sorts of styles – from sub-ohming through tanking, Cotton Man has you covered.  My favorites are the Carolina Blend OB and Mavaton’s Select Gold OB – I don’t think you can go wrong with any of them, and he’s got a ton of great information on his website.  If you think “cotton is just cotton”, give this stuff a try – the capillary action and flavor really changed my mind.

Venerable Vaping – Honor The Vape

When I got started with dripping, my friends had me check out the 50% off and clearance sections at Venerable.  Wow, I was able to get some great deals on drawtubes and RDAs for literally under $10 each.  These guys have a great selection of “easy entry to dripping” gear as well as a ton of stuff for the serious hobbyist.  I keep going back to these guys, exery experience has featured nothing but great stuff!  I currently have three drawtubes, a pair of Atomic replica RDAs, and an Orchid v4 RTA from Venerable…all see serious daily use.

IMR Batteries – Super Deals, Quick Shipping

IMR came highly recommended and is simply the only place I order batteries from.  Shipping is shit-hot fast, selection features everything I could ask for, and every experience has been absolutely perfect.  I have a trio of Samsung 25Rs, 4 EFest 3100mAh 20As, and 4 EFest 2500mAh 35As (for the new Fractured Jaw aka “Nasy Box”)…all in 18650.  I’ve grabbed six MXJO 35A batteries for my triple parallel 18650 box from these folks as well.  I also grabbed an ohm meter and my first battery charger here as well as plastic cases and PVC for rewrapping a few of my batteries.  Good deals all around, and they have bulk pricing codes available – check them out if you’re doing an order for a store or club.

Lightning Vapes – Look No Further for Wire

We love us some Lightning Vapes.  This is where I get all my wire…and I’m overdue for a new order.  I hear that they have a new code – “ohmsweetohm” that will get you 17% off of all orders.  Definitely check these folks out – lightning fast shipping and great prices on all your wire needs.


I’ve just ordered my first stuff from these guys and it’s supposed to be here soon.  They had a great deal on a iTaste MVP 20 and Aspire Nautilus Mini that I picked up for my wife.  I also was able to snag a replica Dark Horse (in blue) to match my new Nasy Box.  Very cool deals herein from what I can see.

Koga Japanese Cotton

I won some of this amazing cotton over on Papa’s Playhouse, part of Nuclear Vandalism.  This has really made a difference in my RBAs.  I don’t notice as much of a difference in my RDAs, but the flavor on my Orchids is definitely improved with this wonderful product.  I used plain old organic cotton balls from Walgreen’s – but this stuff is definitely amazing…and it comes in square sheets which is really nice.  I’ve since upgraded to what i consider the best stuff out there, but I still do like me some Koga.

ShoreLine Vapers

Shoreline is a friend from Twitter.  They’ve got some great prices, and shipping is always free.  I am definitely looking forward to picking out some new RBAs from these folks, and they’ve got a mod or two I have my eye on as well.

Dorsett Vapor

Gotta send a shout-out to a vaping friend from the Lou, on the other side of the Show-Me state.  I run into Nelson Alan here and there in random Google hangouts and I’m looking forward to being back in the STL so I can check out the shop.

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