The Vape a Vet Project – April 4, 2015 Raffle and Fundraiser

I have to tell you about a great little fundraiser from the Vape a Vet Project (  For anyone in the vaping community, this is an incredible chance to participate in an amazing raffle, and help our veterans and active duty service members at the same time.  The prizes are pretty astonishing.  I quit counting at 2000 ml of e-Juice and I think they’re giving away no fewer than 7 mods to the lucky winner.  Something like seven vendors giving away their full lines.  This is an astonishing amount of awesomeness.

100 percent (yes, one hundred percent) of the proceeds from this fundraiser go directly to Vape a Vet.  All of it.  Everything has been donated by the vendors for this amazing chance to vape for a cause.  No admin fees, no holdbacks, no kickbacks – one hundred percent of the proceeds go directly to Vape a Vet.

Vape for a Cause!

Vape a Vet April 4 2015 Fundraiser and Raffle

For folks not familiar with Vape a Vet, it is a registered 501(c)3 charity that sends starter kits and care packages of e-Juice to former and current service members to help them kick the tobacco habit.  This service is entirely free to the service member, so of course Vape a Vet raises funds to provide this valuable service.  You can find out more about Vape a Vet here –  You can apply for services if you’re active duty or retired, check out upcoming events, see the sponsor list, and of course check out some amazing and heartfelt testimonials.

For less than the cost of an authentic RDA (even a Wofoto Troll…lol) – or for that matter many clones, you can get a chance to win that list of amazing prizes.  $20 buys you a chance for this unique winner-takes-all raffle – and you get to help folks that served their country kick the tobacco habit through vaping.

To enter, send your $20 donation to (Paypal) or (Google Wallet).  Make a note of your transaction number, then fill out the form at  You must be 18 to enter, and hurry – the raffle will be held on April 4, 2015.

Let’s see these numbers get huge:


One hundred percent of the proceeds.  How often do you get to participate in a fundraiser where the organization says that?  🙂

Thank you for your help!  I’d wish you luck, but honestly I want to win all this cool stuff too…;)

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