Three Things to Do in Vegas (Besides Gamble)

Thinking about flying to Las Vegas, but aren’t that big of a gambler? Not to worry, as the recent gambling boom has seen the city begin to offer a variety of new experiences to its visitors.

While still known as the Gambling Capital of the World, Vegas now finds itself competing with a variety of different developments. When Macau saw its own casino industry develop, it threatened Sin City and drew higher profits with its rich clientele, and the city hasn’t even been able to rely on classics to draw people in because of the rise of online gambling. As InterCasino explains, more people tend to use the services of online gaming today rather than go to a land-based casino for various reasons other than convenience.

In order to keep up with the competition, Las Vegas resorted to offering a slew of new services and experiences, reinventing Sin City to become more than just the Gambling Capital of the World. Here are three activities that you can get around to instead of spending the entire vacation playing slots.

Cool off at the Minus5 Ice Lounge

You’re in the middle of the desert, and while there are plenty of pools for you to lounge next to or swim in, the best place for you to escape the heat is Minus5 Ice Lounge in the Mandalay Bay. With many ice sculptures, the bar, the walls, and even the glasses are made out of ice; there isn’t possibly a better way to cool down than this. Gloves and faux fur coats or parkas are handed to patrons at the door.

Dine at the Wicked Spoon

This place is worth a visit as it revolutionized how upscale Las Vegas buffets are offered by removing giant salad plates and switching them to tapas-style ones with food that are all artfully done. Some of the selections at The Wicked Spoon are placed inside Chinese take-out boxes or mini fryer baskets, all done in the name of creativity. Apart from its new take on Las Vegas buffets, the place is well known for its carving station so if you like slow-cooked roast beef and bone-in BBQ ribs, this restaurant is for you.

Visit a Vape Shop

If you’re trying to quit smoking, Las Vegas, surprisingly, is a good place to start doing it. Vape, the device used by millions of people to manage their cravings for a smoke, has a lot of shops in Las Vegas. If you need information about the different types of Ecigs and like to select from a huge selection of flavors, Las Vegas is the place to be.

There’s obviously plenty more to do than just gamble in Las Vegas, although no one can blame you if you can’t resist the temptation of placing a bet or two. The casino industry has placed a greater emphasis on gaming, so providers of both land-based and online portals have worked extremely hard to make sure that all players have the best experiences with whatever games they choose to play. After all, what’s a Vegas vacation without a bit of gambling of some sorts?

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