Black Cloud Vapor’s Uncle Creepy (e-Juice Review)

Name:  Uncle Creepy, 0.6mg/ml
Company:  Black Cloud Vapor

Review Device:  Unregulated Dual Parallel 18650 from Good Wood Vapes
Review RDA:  13 Heavens 9 Hells, from CompVape (Brass AFC)
Review Coil: 10 wraps of 22g KA1 over a 3.5mm rod (dualed),  0.28 ohms (appx 63W)

Black Cloud's Uncle Creepy (6MG)

Black Cloud’s Uncle Creepy (6MG) alongside my Good Wood Vapes Parallel Boxmod

Uncle Creepy was the first delightful flavor released by Black Cloud Vapor in their Asylum MaxVG line.  Described as “a magical blend of Crèmes, Butterscotch, and the finest Caramels the world had to offer,” Uncle Creepy doesn’t fail to live up to that description.  It is a sweet blend of butterscotch and caramel with a cream base that is a definite pleasure to vape.  Vapor production is outstanding as expected, as it is with the entire Asylum MaxVG line.  For me, there is very little throat hit from the 6MG concentration – just a pleasant reminder of the nicotine in the e-juice.  The entire line is 70VG/30PG.  There is another flavor from Asylum MaxVG called “Upside Down Uncle Creepy” that inverts the butterscotch and caramel – it is very, very difficult to pick a favorite between the two.

My only complaint (and it’s a very minor one) with Uncle Creepy is that it seems to foul my cotton a little quicker than some of my other favorite juices – it’s really only noticeable when using a superior wicking material like Cottonman.Com American Organic Cotton (which lasts significantly longer than other materials).  It’s so rich and delicious that it’s not ADV material for me, my palette can’t take Uncle Creepy’s onslaught of flavor for long periods – but it’s an amazing after-dinner vape.  It nicely lingers on the lips and tongue.

Uncle Creepy is available in 12ml, 15ml, 30ml, and 120ml plastic and glass bottles.  To me, this is no doubt an awesome drip line and belongs in an RDA, I have not tested it in my tanks.  I enjoy these flavors with straight wire, but they really show off the depths of complexity within their flavor profile when using Clapton, Fused Clapton, or Staple coils – Black Cloud has sets of these available here on their site…

Disclaimer:  I purchased this juice at a discount using Trove Live‘s 20% off Discount Code (tune into the network for details) and received no compensation whatsoever for this review.  This isn’t my first bottle, and is definitely a flavor I will order again.

Rating:  7 (out of 7) stars.  Delicious and Complex e-Juice.

Black Cloud Vapor's Uncle Creepy

Black Cloud Vapor’s Uncle Creepy

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