Acrae Vapour’s Group Hug (e-Juice Review)

Name:  Group Hug, 0.6mg/ml
Company:  Acrae Vapour

Review Device:  Unregulated Dual Parallel 18650 Nasy Box
Review RDA: 13 Heavens 9 Hells, from CompVape (Brass AFC)
Review Coil: 6 wraps of 34g KA1 Claptoned over 26g KA1 over a 2.5mm rod (dualed),  0.18 ohms (appx 85W)

Acrae Vapor's Group Hug (6MG) with a Parallel 18650 Fractured Jaw from Modz by Nasy

Acrae Vapour’s Group Hug (6MG) with a Parallel 18650 Fractured Jaw from Modz by Nasy

I was lucky enough to be able to jump on a “flash sale” recently and picked up the full Acrae Vapour line of five juices.  I’ve heard great things about this juice for quite some time and definitely was not disappointed with the first I tried, Group Hug.  Group Hug is described as “sweet and fresh medley of peaches and pears along with a hint of apricot”.  It is a very clean, crisp and refreshing vape.   Available in 0, 3 or 6mg/ml nicotine strengths as a Max VG juice and 12 or 18mg/ml strengths as a 40PG/60VG juice, all Acrae e-Juices are available in attractive 15ml, 30ml, and 120ml glass bottles.  Packaging was nice and a card was included containing flavor profiles for all five juices.  I have only tested Group Hug in one of my RDAs.

Acrae Vapor - Handcrafted in California

Acrae Vapor – Handcrafted in California

I had previously tried a delicious juice from the nJoy Artists’s Collection line called Samba Sun and my first thought trying Group Hug was “wow, this is exactly the max VG version of Samba Sun that I was looking for.”  I enjoyed the nJoy e-Juice, but it is a 40PG/60VG blend and those high PG juices have a tendency to make my nose run.  Group Hug just delivers a delicious blend of peaches and pears and finishes very nicely with wisps of apricot that linger on the tongue.  I wasn’t a huge fan of apricots before starting to vape, and juices like this and Black Cloud Vapor’s The Reaper definitely have me reconsidering that.  I have to give the edge to Group Hug – peaches, pears and apricots are a divine medley in an e-juice.

Vapor production is excellent.  Throat hit is nicely very tame to me in a 6mg/ml concentration.  There is a ton of delicious flavor with nuances bouncing around on the palette on the Clapton coils I used to vape Group Hug.

Disclaimer:  I was lucky to find a flash sale on the entire Acrae Vapour line in 15ml bottles and received no compensation whatsoever for this review.

Rating:  ˜˜7 (out of 7) stars.  Simply Outstanding. Serious ADV Material.

Acrae Vapor's Group Hug (6MG)

Acrae Vapour’s Group Hug (6MG)

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