Moon Mountain’s Jax (e-Juice Review)

Name:  Jax, 0.6 mg/ml (formerly “Cap’n Jax”)
Company:  Moon Mountain

Review Device:  Unregulated Series 18650 “Woodie” from BJ Box Mods
Review RDA:  El Cabron, from CompVape (SS)
Review Coil:  13 wraps of 26g N80 over a 2mm rod (dualed),  0.51 ohms (appx 125W)

Moon Mountain's Jax (3MG & 6MG)

Moon Mountain’s Jax (3MG & 6MG) with The Woodie from BJ Box Mods

I was turned on to Moon Mountain by my friend Andrew Jensen (from The Raw Deal program, Thursday nights on TROVE Live), a Tampa-area resident who is lucky enough to call Moon Mountain “his local B&M”.  I will forever be grateful.  Described by Moon Mountain as “Heaping barrels of fresh picked green and red apples coated in caramel and rolled in cinnamon sugar,” Jax is really a deliciously amazing e-juice.  The tart and sweet apples are expertly blended – like with the best apple pies and desserts, using more than one type of apple really multiplies and increases the depth of the flavor.  You can definitely taste the cinnamon sugar and the caramel, although neither is overpowering.  As with most of my favorite Moon Mountain juices, this is a very well balanced and “finished” product.  I’ve ordered it several times and the taste is extremely consistent.  It is vaguely reminiscent of a childhood breakfast favorite that many folks may be familiar with…by far, this is my favorite “cereal vape”.

Vapor production is excellent as it is with all of the Maximum Velocity and Stellar flavors I’ve tried.  There is pleasantly very little if any throat hit from a 6mg nicotine strength (and even less in a 3MG).  For me, this as an extremely enjoyable all-day vape.  Jax is available in 15ml, 30ml, and 100ml glass bottles with integrated child-proof caps.  I mainly drip this high-VG Moon Mountain e-Juice, but it also worked quite well with my Goliath v1 and v2 RTAs.

Disclaimer:  I actually won this bottle of juice in a Moon Mountain raffle (I’ve purchased it from them before and it was actually gone before I could get around to reviewing it).  I was entered into the raffle after buying a few 30ml bottles of other flavors at the Miami Vapor Expo (where 1$ from every purchase was donated to the Florida Smoke Free Association – check these great folks out here:  I received no compensation whatsoever for this review.

I’ve since purchased another 100ml (in 0.3 mg/ml strength as I’m starting to trend downward again), I like it that much…:)  Plus, Moon Mountain has a great loyalty program and has offered several sales in the 40-50% off range to its’ members lately.  Drip with purpose!

Rating:  ˜˜7 (out of 7) stars.  Outstanding, Definite ADV Material.  Easily one of my top 5 favorite flavors.

Moon Mountain's Jax (3MG & 6MG)

Moon Mountain’s Jax (3MG & 6MG)

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