Sponsor a Smoker

I’d like to take a break and chat about a great new initiative from within the vaping community – Sponsor a Smoker.  My friend Jonathan Thomas from Vapestars and Flawless Distribution introduced me to this novel pilot program where vapers are matched up with current smokers so that vaping knowledge and safety information can be transferred in a friendly manner.  Very cool stuff.

They are accepting sign-ups, not only for smokers who have decided to make a change in their lives, but also for “helpers”, the experienced vapers who will help guide new folks on their vaping journey towards tobacco harm reduction.

As they say:

We need volunteers & are ready to help smokers!

Use the form below to sign up!!!

1.  As a smoker you will be mailed a starter kit along with eliquid and asked to update us weekly with your progress. Also we will (do our best to) pair you with a vaper / vape shop in your area for support.

2.  As a volunteer you will (eventually) be paired with a smoker in your area. You will be that smokers source of knowledge, support and inspiration during their transition to vaping. NO financial commitment at all.

We worked VERY hard to get this program started, PLEASE utilize & share it!


Here’s a short little video describing the responsibilities of the volunteer “helpers”:


Sponsor a Smoker

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