Graybeard Genny Joose’s Mustachio (e-Juice Review)

Name:  Mustachio, 0.3mg/ml
Company:  Graybeard Genny Joose

Review Device:  PWM Billet 18650 Nasy Box
Review RDA:  Buddha v2, from Vaperz Cloud (SS)
Review Coil:  6 wraps of Triple-twisted 34g KA1 over 25g KA1 Clapton wire (dualed),  0.20 ohms (PWM set at 60% – appx 200W)

I am friends with Kevin and Genny Brooks of GGJ on Facebook, through NYAVG.  I had been waiting for the right opportunity to grab some of their juice, and was treated to an amazing Fourth of July Sale this year that was either 40 or 50% off of retail.  I grabbed a handful of flavors in 30ml to check out and fell in love with several of them, turning around and ordering 120ml bottles pretty quickly.

My favorite GGJ juice so far is definitely Mustachio.

Mustachio from Graybeard Genny Joose, 3MG

Mustachio from Graybeard Genny Joose, 3MG (with Others from GGJ)

One of my favorite side dish/desserts has always been Watergate Salad, which uses pistachio pudding as one of its’ base ingredients.  That being said, I’ve never really made the connection between the green deliciousness known as pistachio pudding with the nut known as the pistachio…I know there might be a few slivers hiding in the Jell-O™ box, but I never really thought it tasted much like the nut.  Nevertheless, I routinely make a massive batch of it at least once or twice a year around the holidays.  I have, however, had pistachio ice cream…and that was not only delicious, it also had a sweet and savory taste that was just like eating pistachio butter (does this exist?  if not, it needs to) folded into vanilla ice cream.

The stage was set.  Seeing an e-juice described as “Yummy, Creamy, Pistachio Ice Cream” on the GGJ website, I knew I had to try this one.

Mustachio from Graybeard Genny Joose, 3MG

Mustachio from Graybeard Genny Joose, 3MG

Wow.  This juice definitely lives up to its description.  It is surprising to find such a complex and delicious, full-flavored juice hiding within a vendor’s “standard” line.  The creamy deliciousness of the ice cream is offset and balanced nicely with a nut flavor that compliments the ice cream perfectly.  Even though it is a “dessert” vape, it is not too sweet as to be overpowering.  It can easily be vaped for long periods.

Vapor production is excellent as it is with all of the Graybeard Genny Joose flavors I’ve tried.  There is pleasantly very little throat hit from a 3mg nicotine strength (my first bottle was 6mg and throat hit was enjoyable for me as well).  Mustachio is available in 30ml, 50ml, 120ml and 240ml bottles, and you can choose from the standard 65VG/35PG or select any custom ratio (I went with “Max VG”, which is available).  I mainly drip GGJ e-Juice, but it would also work quite well with my Goliath, Zephyrus, and Goblin Mini RTAs.

Disclaimer:  I purchased this bottle of juice using a 20% off discount code from one of my Facebook Groups (note:  they are active in the group, these folks take care of their friends) and received no compensation whatsoever for this review.

It is not my first bottle of Mustacio, nor will it be my last…  This is a wonderful, complex and infinitely affordable vaping experience.

Rating:  ˜˜7 (out of 7) stars.  Outstanding and Complex ADV Material.

Mustachio from Graybeard Genny Joose and the Nasy Billet PWM

Mustachio from Graybeard Genny Joose and the “Your Logo Could Be Here” Modz By Nasy Billet PWM

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