Heresy’s Mutiny (e-Juice Review)

Name:  Mutiny, 0.3mg/ml
Company:  Heresy

Review Device:  PWM Nasy Box (Dual 18650 in a 1590A-sized box) @ 50%
Review RDA:  Goliath V2, from Youde (SS)
Review Coil:  5 wraps of (34g KA1 Claptoned over 25g KA1) over a 2.5mm rod (dualed),  0.30 ohms (appx 51W)

Heresy is an amazing new juice line launched by Joanne and Paul Hinchliffe.  With five unique and well-rounded flavors, there is certainly one or more that most vapers will find amazing.

Heresy's Mutiny, 3MG

Heresy’s Mutiny, 3MG with the Modz by Nasy CNC PWM “A Box”

Mutiny is described as “a coconut caramel cookie much like a macaroon.”  Wow…that’s normally outside my flavor profile – I tend to prefer custards and cheesecakes.  It was actually the fourth of the Heresy juices I tried (which I’m still kicking myself over).  Although I may have tried it fourth, it was the first of the bottles to empty (and the first I’m reviewing)!

This e-juice will blow you away – it is a perfect balance of caramel, chocolate, coconut and cookie.  It’s not too sweet (it awesomely seems to me like they’re not using any sweeteners [ick!] in their juice at all – my cotton doesn’t require frequent replacement and my coils aren’t getting trashed chain vaping this high-VG juice).  There are several nuanced layers of flavor, each present on inhale and exhale…at some times you’re experiencing the coconut, then the caramel…you’re thinking about declaring that you understand all of the levels of flavor, and wow – it’s time to refill the tank once again.  It’s definitely a hard juice to set down.

It really reminds me of a certain purple-labeled Girl Scout cookie that I used to freeze and eat by the box.

Things that make me sad, 30ml edition

Things that make me sad, 30ml edition – the 60ml sequel is coming soon…sigh

Vapor production is excellent as it is with all five of the Heresy flavors.  There is no real little throat hit whatsoever (which is what I’m after frankly) from a 3mg nicotine strength.  This as an extremely enjoyable all-day vape that is (hate to repeat myself, but…) hard to set down.  Heresy is available in 30ml, and 60ml glass bottles.  I drip Heresy e-Juice for the most part, but it has also worked quite well with my Goliath v1/v2, Bellus, and Cthulhu v2 RTAs.

Disclaimer:  I received this bottle of juice from Paul, a personal friend of mine, and received no compensation whatsoever for this review.  I am the designer responsible for taking Joanne and Paul’s vision and coming up with a digital version of it – so if you hate their logo, blame me and still try their juice, it’s quite amazing.  You will not regret it, try it now before you see it everywhere, they’ve recently inked a deal with JAM Enterprisez, LLC (distributors of many exciting juice lines including Mewes Juice and Sicboy so this will be on a whole lotta store shelves for the holiday season.

Rating:  ˜˜7 (out of 7) stars.  Simply Outstanding.  Perfect balance of delicious flavor.  The only negative is that (as of now) the largest size it comes in is a 60ml bottle.

Mutiny by Heresy, an Affordable, Top-Shelf All-day Vape

Mutiny by Heresy, an Affordable, Top-Shelf All-day Vape

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