Proper’s Blue Label [or just Blue] (e-Juice Review)

Name:  Blue Label, 0.3mg/ml
Company:  Proper
Where to Buy:

Review Device:  PWM Nasy Box (Dual 18650 in a 1590A-sized box) @ 100%
Review RDA:  What I call the Vaperz Cloud Flavor Machine – my Buddha Z v2 Build Deck and upper AFC control with my spare Temple AFC Ring and upper airflow blocked by a vape band…literally down to 3-4 small holes on either side.
Review Coil:  10 wraps of (Lightning Vapes amazing new 36g KA1 over 2 x 26g KA1 pre-wrapped Fused Clapton wire) over an 11/16″ drill bit (dualed),  0.61 ohms (appx 110W)
Review Cotton (as always):  Mavaton’s Select Gold OB from Cottonman – a full cord in each coil

Proper is a small artisanal juice line from Southern California.  They offer four very unique and distinctive flavor profiles within the line – by far my favorite is Proper Blue.

Described as “A delicious brown sugar butter cake e-liquid,” this liquid masterfully fuses butter and cake batter, and then features amazing brown sugar undertones on exhale.  The result is a delicious fusion of butterscotch, caramel, and cream that’s not too sweet for regular vaping…although it’s really great as an after-meal treat (can you tell I just had lunch?).

Proper Blue (3MG) in the 18ml Glass Bottle

Proper Blue (3MG) in the 18ml Glass Bottle

There are several nuanced layers of flavor here, each present on inhale and exhale.  On a fused Clapton-style coil, flavor comes at you from every which direction.  This new pre-wrapped and spooled wire from Lightning Vapes is amazing, folks.  I know how to and often wrap my own Clapton coils, but at around $0.25 a coil when all is said and done, you just can’t beat this stuff.  I was cutting wire off a spool and less than 5 minutes later, I was dry -firing.  Wow.

Throat hit is pleasant, there is no harshness or real nicotine presence in the 3mg/ml strength.  Closing ones eyes and vaping Proper Blue can definitely lead to strong and persistent feelings that you’re just somewhere else.

Proper Blue (3MG) and the Nasy PWM 1590-A Sized Box

Vapor production is excellent as it is with all the Proper flavors I’ve tried.  This as an extremely enjoyable all-day vape – you would think it was too sweet with this sort of flavor profile, but it definitely is not.  Proper is available in 18ml and 120ml glass bottles from retailers (including WC Vapor Company linked above).  I drip Proper e-Juice for the most part, but even though it is a high-VG e-liquid, it would work quite well with my Goliath v1/v2, and Bellus RTAs.

Disclaimer:  I purchased this bottle of juice through a group buy within a Facebook Group, and received no compensation whatsoever for this review.  I do know and have have participated in some vape shows online with Andre Papiz, CEO of Dripset, the manufacturer and distributor of Proper.  He’s a great guy and they really take care of their customers.  I know of a group buy where you can pick up the entire Proper line, so feel free to drop me a message on Facebook or Instagram and I will get you pointed in the right direction.

Rating:  ˜˜7 (out of 7) stars.  Double Ds as in Definitely Delicious.  Complex balance of layered flavor.

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