Rachel Mardsen, Russian Troll

Very interesting stuff, I say.

To Inform is to Influence

Logo from Rachel Marsden’s Website

So, there I was, cozy as a bug in a rug, and up pops Rachel Mardsen with her article “Brexiting a spy nest” which she posted in LinkedIn.  I knew nothing about her, but a friend and colleague had commented, so I looked at the article.

I read it and gave a fairly honest, if rather frank, review in my blog piece: “Pardon me, your bias is showing“, a rehash of what I had earlier stated online.  According to others viewing and commenting on her article who sent me PMs, I said what they wanted to say. Then she went plumb loco on me.

  • Within a few minutes, a friend wrote me and told me that Rachel deleted my posts reviewing her article.
  • She also deleted the link I posted to my blog, “Pardon me your bias is showing”.
  • Then she blocked me…

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