About Akula51


The inspiration…oh, so many years ago.

Yes, it’s Russian for ‘shark’. 51 was my football number and has generally been pretty lucky.

There are so many folks out there that do political stuff better and more often than I do – so I have changed the focus of my blog to be my passions – my wife and life here in Liberty, the puppies, and my hobbies (including but not limited to cooking and vaping).

Mid-40s, happily married healthcare IT guy…Wow, we moved to Liberty, MO.  I live in a town named Liberty now, and just saying that kicks a lot of ass…lol  Last year this time I was probably working at a broken health insurance exchange (HIX).  EDI within healthcare is definitely my core competency.  This year (2014) I’m trying to start a career in social media/public relations/marketing.  Yeah, I need to remember to give Don Quixote some +K on Windmill Tilting…we seem to share a passion there.  (2/2015 Update:  Yep, back in healthcare IT for the moment.)


twitter.com/akula_51 & akula_51backup

The second and third loves of our lives have recently joined our pack.  #ChloeLovesToes.  #LittleMissStar.  After travelling for the better part of a couple decades, it was nice to finally have the opportunity to adopt these little angels.  Star just joined us on February 26th, so there is a lot more to come from her!

Chloe Loves Toes

Hi there – won’t you help another puppy find an awesome forever home?

Chloe Loves Toes

The awesomeness known as Chloe

Thankfully, she doesn’t mind when – due to puppy-oriented lack of sleep – I don’t comb my hair.

Here’s Chloe’s Dropbox which will just keep growing with undeniable cuteness…:)

3 thoughts on “About Akula51

    1. realakula51 Post author

      Absolutely… I just followed your blog and look forward to connecting. I was in a plane most of the afternoon, just landed in Detroit. I should be off and on all evening… facebook.com/akula51 or twitter.com/akula_51

      Have a wonderful evening!



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