Custom Battery Wraps

Battery Wrap Requests

Custom Battery Wraps

“Bolt” Design, Version 001

6/11/2015 UPDATE:  New Pricing NOW Available!

These are clear PVC sleeves, with a custom printed inner wrap matched to your 18650 battery.  I have them available for many common battery manufacturers (if you need a custom one, pick one and let me know in the comments, along with A rating and mAh rating, I will get it added to this webform).  You can also request any custom background in the comments section.

As of today, there are two main variations…  First is the “Normal” Bolt Design – this can be done in either the traditional manufacturer colors (MXJO = yellow, EFest = purple, Samsung = light blue, LG HE2s = red, etc.), or any custom single-color bolt, e.g. pink.  This can also be done with black in place of the white sections within the design below:

“Bolt” Design, Version 001

The second variation is a red, white and blue design, originally meant for my “Murica” Mech Chump Mod from the NYAVG Group Buy, but certainly available for any patriotic purpose (and for any type of battery)…

“Bolt” Design, Version 001

Pricing as of now is $1.50 for each of these wraps, shipped. If you order 24 or more wraps, they are $1.25 each.  Wholesale pricing is also available with several MoQ options, inquire using the comment section of the form below.  The wraps will be cut out and placed along with pre-cut PVC sections in an cardboard CD mailer package to prevent damage in transit. You will need to carefully (or haphazardly) remove your old wrap, insert the new custom wrap into the PVC, insert your battery, and then use a heat gun or hair dryer to shrink the PVC around your battery.

Here’s a tutorial on how to use these battery rewraps:

I will contact you at the e-mail that you provide below prior to creating your wraps to confirm everything and send an invoice via PP or GW if applicable. Many of these pictures show my box names within my collection that the batteries belong to, please disregard those. Each Battery type will have a generic label similar to the EFest 35A batteries shown above in the second picture. They will be numbered, and can be numbered either serially for our friends who use mechanical tube mods, or in pairs or triplets for folks that use box mods and want to keep their batteries “married”.

Please note:  These are slightly thicker than normal battery wraps.  They may fit more snugly from side to side in your box or tube mod.  They have been tested with several different styles of mech mod and battery sled, but if you have issues getting your batteries in and out of your personal vaporizer due to left/right clearance issues before rewrapping, these might not be for you.

If you are an international customer, please reach out to me via e-mail at prior to ordering so we can figure out how best to structure the shipping cost.

One thought on “Battery Wrap Requests

  1. Lisa Hatch

    Hi, This is lisalimited aka Lisa Hatch. I just won battery wraps on Trove Live. Please let me know what to do. Thank you so much.

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